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Dr. Dini Miller has had a burning passion for pest control field research since she picked up a copy of The Flight of the Iguana, a commentary on evolutionary biology.

Today, as a professor of Entomology at Virginia Tech, she spends considerable time studying the patterns behind agricultural and habitat infestations.


In this insightful episode, Dini shares what she’s learned throughout 30 years of field research, including pest control techniques for cockroaches and bedbugs, as well as training tips for technicians.


Join us as we discuss:

  • [16:45] A day in the life of an entomologist doing field research

  • [22:50] Debunking social stigmas around bug infestations

  • [27:45] The latest control techniques for cockroaches and bedbugs

  • [45:22] Training tips for leaders in the pest control industry

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