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If you are into branding, communication, PR, brand building, employee advocacy, Linkedin, science, greentech, decarbonization, this episode is for you.

How can brands incorporate sustainability and science into their core in an authentic way and avoid the trap of greenwashing?

It is one thing to craft a sustainable brand on paper and a completely different story to integrate branding as part of the whole company and the whole customer journey, without greenwashing.

Every company in the world needs to decrease its carbon footprint and the negative impact on the planet, but it's not an easy thing to do. You need to have clean data, a decarbonization strategy and a lot of scientific knowledge.

That's why Plan A is here. Plan A helps foster sustainable transition in the business world. They work towards eliminating and avoiding emissions, rather than compensating them and this takes a great amount of science behind.

More than 1500 companies trust them to decarbonize their business with clients such as BMW, Deutsche Bank, Visa, and KFC.

🚀 They've raised 27 million dollars this year

🚀 They are on their way to get 1 gigaton of carbon under management by 2025

💻 Plan A has 150 employees

🏠 and 3 offices in Berlin, London and Paris

📚 and a knowledge academy with 250+ articles available to everyone

In this episode, Nathan Bonnisseau, co-founder of Plan A, joins me to bring light on the topics of:

❓ How to make science part of the brand

❓ How to build a sustainable brand without greenwashing

❓ How to make your employees ambassadors of the brand

❓ How the brand can be used through the entire funnel of customer acquisition

Plan A has a very inspiring presence online (and offline), their CEO Lubomila Jordanova is a thought leader in decarbonization and sustainable business.

You can spot Plan A employees posting online or speaking at conferences, talking about decarbonization.

How did they achieve that?

In this episode you will learn:

- How to apply the Mountain Of Tomorrow and How Wow Now frameworks for brand management

- How to create a fun experience with the brand and make employees contribute

- How to help your employees communicate the brand and its milestones online and even make them enjoy posting

- How to set the stage to capture feedback from your team

- How do make science part of the brand in an innovative way

- How the brand helps you optimize your sales funnel

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