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In this episode discover how Lubomila Jordanova left her corporate job in fintech to start PlanA as a solopreneur. Lubomila is a very engaged and inspiring leader who has won a lot of awards in the last two years for her work with Plan A and for her impact as an entrepreneur.

We broke down how she turned a wake-up call in 2016 on a beach in Morocco into a company that generated close to 1’000’000 euros in donations for environmental projects

Next, we analyzed step by step how she pivoted and transformed successfully that donation platform into a software as a service tool, currently used by 100+ companies to reduce their carbon footprint and to become more sustainable. 

Among others, you will learn:

  • how she bootstrapped the company and her first steps as a solopreneur,
  • how her mission to fight climate change and her passion helped her find enthusiastic collaborators and grow a team of dedicated employees, 
  • how she learned enough about data science and climate change to be able to start a data-driven company alone without a scientific background,
  • how their communication strategy and Linkedin helped them to get 500 applications in two days for their new job offers, 
  • how they evaluate company culture fit during their recruiting process, 
  • How she built her following and Plan A’s following on Linkedin all organically, without any PR or paid advertising
  • how they keep their employees motivated through continuous training, and by making her company fun to work at.

If you want to learn about data-driven product development, pivoting, and communication and recruiting strategy, this episode is for you.  

Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.