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In this episode, we meet Kris Tompkins, Co-founder and President of Tompkins Conservation, and Dr. Emiliano Donadilo, a Conservation Biologist from Rewilding Argentina, as they discuss their efforts to establish a jaguar corridor in Argentina.

"In Argentina, the jaguar is critically endangered," says Emiliano. This is why, since 2007, they have worked tirelessly on restoring the species, initiating the world's first jaguar breeding program for reintroduction in the Ibera Wetlands. With over 17 jaguars now freely roaming in the wetlands, they’re extending their work to revive the jaguar population in the threatened Chaco forest in northeastern Argentina.

What is the importance of top predators in ecosystems, and why is there a critical need to restore connectivity between habitats to ensure the thriving of these species?

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