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Yannick Du Pont is the founder  of SPARK .

SPARK is one of the European leading NGOs brining entrepeneurship to fragile States. Spark and Super-Novae partner on the Libya Start Up project funded by the European Union to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Libya: building incubators, developing local services to support future entrepreneurs and guide them towards success. 

In this episode, Yannick tells us what it requires and brings to an individual to build an organization like SPARK; and shares his hope for more localized and impactful interventions that empower local actors for the most fragile countries' development.

On October 3, 2023, SPARK announced that Yannick will step down as CEO on January 1, 2024, after having contributed to economic development across dozens of fragile and conflict-affected countries. Peter de Ruiter  will ensure the transition period. 

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