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What triggers a turning point ?

Through our work as senior executive coaches, we are so lucky to meet exceptional people, and help them deal with challenges, opportunities, stress, and leadership issues.

In this first ever Turningpoint podcast, three brilliant coaches share stories that have particularly touched and inspired them.

🌍 Imagine you have accepted an internal promotion overseas, and after having installed your family in your new country, you learn that the job has changed… To another country!

☕️ Imagine you are a senior female executive at an international bank, and you, as the only woman in your team, are still being asked to prepare coffee and take notes during team meetings…

Does this sound familiar? 🤔

Listen to the episode to learn more on how these executives dealt with their challenges with the help of coaches.

In this podcast:

Véronique Girma – GM Turningpoint Asia, 15 years of corporate experience in central Europe and 20+ years in China & Hong Kong as an entrepreneur and executive coach.

Marc Gosselin, Senior Turningpoint Coach, previously GM Danone with 30+ years in the food industry from both Europe and Africa/Middle East with a focus on sustainability.

Ana Loback – GM Turningpoint UK, Business Psychologist & Doctor of Organizational Psychology, 15+ years of experience in coaching senior leaders and executive teams in international environments.

Turningpoint Leadership – an international coaching and leadership development consultancy with offices in Paris, Hong Kong, London, Milan and Geneva, and a community of 200 coaches located all around the world.

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