The Claire Chiron Show: Break Free From Toxic Relationships

This podcast is mainly for women who have gone through toxic relationships with emotional abuse and still see consequences and damages in their day-to-day life: in their relationships, relationship with themselves and work area.

Low self-esteem, intense stress and anxiety, fear of abandonment and rejection, fear of vulnerability, addictions etc… All of those damages caused by toxic relationships that you get to heal to thrive and shine in your life!

I'm Claire Chiron, your Emotional Mastery guide. For years, I have been focusing on my own healing journey to heal from emotional abuse inherited from toxic relationships, increase my self-esteem, discover my feminine side and reclaim my sense of inner freedom.

Years ago, I thought impossible to live serene and completely free in the inside, but this dream became true thanks to the work I'm sharing with you in this show.

You will learn to:

🕊 Break free from these toxic relationships

🥑 Heal from emotional eating and sugar addiction: addiction that women often develop as a way to cope with their emotional discomfort during or after toxic relationships

💑 Rebuild healthy relationships

💃 Rebuild your sense of self: discover who you are (maybe for the first time), rebuild your self-esteem and touch & feel deep serenity, freedom and Joie de Vivre

All of this… whatever your level of success, because what counts is how you feel in the inside on a daily basis.

From my heart to yours,