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Welcome to the nutritionist podcast.


This is Diego from NutriAdmin. I am recording from London and I will be your host for today.


In today’s episode, we have a guest that knows the worlds of both nutrition and marketing: Ana Reisdorf. Ana is on a mission to help wellness brands rank on the first page of Google with evidence-based marketing strategies and content created by experts.


Ana specialises in content strategy and creation. She is the founder of Reisdorf Writing Service, a Health and Nutrition Marketing Agency she has been running for over 6 years. Ana also holds a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition from Central Michigan University.


Listen in to learn:

- The importance for nutrition and wellness brands to do marketing

- Why content marketing is such a key piece of the strategy for a wellness brand

- The kind of content that Ana has seen working well over the years for health brands

- How to promote your business with SEO online without spending a fortune

- What you can expect when working on your content strategy with someone like Ana

- Top advice for a nutritionist or wellness brand that has never done any marketing before

- How to rank on the top of Google for your niche keywords

- And more!

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