The Nutritionist Podcast

This is the first podcast made BY nutritionists FOR nutritionists. You can listen to learn about professional topics such as:

- summaries of the latest nutrition papers in a digestable format

- professional skills like how to get a job in nutrition, get more clients, or increase your reach with online marketing

- interviews with nutritionists and case studies. Learn from those a few years ahead than you in their careers

Nutrition can be complicated nowadays with so many products available to consumers, confusing regulations, contradictory research, and untrustworthy content online.

Here at NutriAdmin we interview nutritionists, dietitians, and food researchers to discuss the latest developments in the nutrition industry. From the latest research, to dietary recommendations, we bring nutrition in an accessible format to everyone.

We focus on evidence-based research, and talk to experts in the industry to bring you trustworthy information in an accessible format.

Whether you are a nutrition student, practitioner, dietitian, or someone with an interest in nutrition, you will find relevant and high quality content/conversations here.

The podcast is hosted by Ismail Zoutat - Nutrition specialist at NutriAdmin who holds a BSc and MSc in nutrition and has experience as a nutritionist/personal trainer, and by Diego Oliveira Sanchez, co-founder of NutriAdmin. is a practice management software for nutritionists and dietitians. If you are a nutritionist, dietitian, or personal trainer, feel free to check out our website. You can sign up for NutriAdmin with the promo code PODCAST50 to get your first 2 months of the subscription half price!