The Hero Academy

*** The Hero Academy podcast by Super Dave *** 

- The place where we can celebrate and highlight our Frontline Hero’s. 

- I believe that Frontline workers such as Nurses, Firemen, EMS, Police Officers, &  Military are 

  Heroes without capes

- I don’t care about Politics only Positivity and Purpose.  

- I only care about those that have chosen serve society (Civil Servants) 

- I believe in collaboration over competition 

- Here you will learn the secrets & strategies that let ordinary people become extraordinary Inside of their purpose

- Sometimes we’ll throw in some simple side hustles that everyday regular people are doing 

- Things you could do to make extra money especially if you’re starting to think about retirement &
what’s next - The Transition into the next phase of life

- Inside this podcast each week you will learn from people like you that were working F/T but 

- still found time to create a course , grow a big team, a large audience or profitable side hustle 

- The steps they took, their back stories & how they overcame burnout 

- The perfect blend of Mindset and Techniques  

- Carpe Diem, now let’s get your Dream LIT for your Freedom

- I’m your host & Coach - SuperDave!!!

Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.