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 Phillip Rothwell is the Director of Development at Warwick Independent Schools Foundation. He is also a CFRE, the famous international fundraising certification.  


With Phillip, we speak about fundraising in education : why education is for him the “major battle”, why fundraising is more and more important in most European Schools, how it is
now a real career path for a lot of young people, why it’s so important to continue developing fundraising in order to maintain an equality in access to education, and how he fundraises in his schools through major gifts, legacies or telephone fundraising.  


Phillip also explains to us what is the CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive), this credential
for experienced fundraising professionals aspiring to the highest standards of ethics, competence and service to the philanthropic sector.  


But we will also speak about wider subjects related to fundraising : why having or being a
mentor changes your life,  what he recommends to manage a fundraising team, why it’s as important to manage your boss as to manage your team, why organization which manage to KEEP their fundraisers as long as possible are the ones which collect the most, why managing a fundraising team should be “leading with kindness”, how to organize yourself to keep curious and learn throughout your career, why managing your personal energy is crucial as a fundraiser…  


A very interesting conversation with an experienced fundraiser (who started being a
fundraiser at 7 years old😊), which makes you understand how lucky we are to be a fundraiser.    

Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.