The Adventures of the Rockabilly Space Force

It’s the year 2095 and the Second Space Gold Rush. The Inner Solar System vibrates with a chaotic ensemble of economic frenzy, spine-tingling technological innovation, and catastrophes that threaten to tear the fabric of human imagination. Just five years earlier, the August Calamity of 2090 brought the solar system to a standstill when all Artificial Intelligence systems came crashing down.

Trapped though many may feel in this bedlam, one chipper band of musicians and technicians courageously strives to uplift their spirits with retro rock and roll hearkening back to the dawn of the Space Age.

Harbored by Deimos, a small potato-shaped moon orbiting the Planet Mars, the Rockabilly Space Force operates a garage. That is, a Rocket Service Facility where they build and repair rockets, drink hooch harvested from the tail of a comet, and rock where no one has rocked before.

Get ready, fellow cosmic wanderers, for a musical collective that harmoniously intertwines rhythm with the grandeur of the universe. Get ready for the Rockabilly Space Force!

Season 1 of "The Adventures of the Rockabilly Space Force" features a total of 15 episodes, each about 10-20 minutes long. The first half of Season 1 will be released in December 2023, with new episodes released every two weeks starting in January of 2024. 

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