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Have you ever heard stories where rivers are sacred, healing, and creative?

Well, let us tell you one:

Tessel is a Dutch artist, who was lulled by the sound of rivers, waterfalls and waves, who developed an admiration for the natural world, its shapes, colors, and secrets.

The secrets that fascinated her as a child, watching time go by through the movements of water, and that she began to unravel as she grew older, after numerous dips in the cold Swiss rivers.

Why did it help her to clear her mind, think, and feel at home?

Why is water an essential resource, both scientifically and spiritually?

She continued to explore these secrets through some research and visiting different communities around the world - gaining insights about the different ways in which people connect to water.

And above all, transcribing them, through her art, where the "feminine" has a special place within this resource.

Let yourself be carried away by the gentle current of the inspiring world of Tessel.

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- Richard Louv, Last Child In The Woods

- Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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