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What does Pippi Longstocking have to do with Ageas? Maybe more than you think… 

Join us for the first instalment of season 2 of our Studio 2030 podcast as host Ianka Fleerackers welcomes guest  Gilke Eeckhoudt, Chief Development & Sustainability Officer at Ageas. 

What should we consider our careers to be, and which type of mindset will get you furthest? Gilke openly shares her personal insights and reflects on what she has learned over the years. We even touch on what it means to be ‘more like Pippi’.

« Seeing people around me ‘grow’ gets me maybe even more excited than my personal growth! » 

At 'Studio 2030,' we bring you big questions, ideas, and debates about the future, and discuss how we can create a long-lasting positive impact. Check out the first episode below, or on all major podcast platforms