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Back in 2020, I had the huge pleasure of welcoming Marie Dahlstrøm on Sounds So Beautiful, for an interview, live on Instagram.

We were having a conversation about Marie's creative process, her approach to music and we will try to understand the meaning of some of the songs, taken from her first album #LikeSand

Meanwhile, you can follow her latest news: she is releasing a short film for her single, titled #SummerEvenings

London-based singer-songwriter Marie Dahlstrom, just released her debut album, entitled Like Sand, this Friday, 22nd May. Coming from one of the most exciting and hard-working musician, this project has been highly anticipated.

Among these collaborations, the Like Sand album features longtime friends, people she already worked with in the past and linked great connection with. One name comes in mind: Jeremy Passion, whom we had the pleasure to converse with through a sincere interview, back then, for his album II.

« Working with Marie was awesome! She is very talented and soulful and was the reason why we got in touch with each other. » – Jeremy Passion

Passion and Dahlstrom have released sensational single Forget Me Nots back in the days, and here they come again, with Through Your Eyes. Great surprise for day-one-fans, then.

When it comes to vibes, vocals and harmonies, Marie and Jeremy just fuse and give you the best of their both worlds.

Recorded between LA, Copenhagen and London over the past 12 monthsLike Sand features collaborations besides California-based Jeremy Passion, with the likes of South London soul singer James Vickery, Brooklyn based singer/producer Elijah Fox, LA-based JNTHN STEIN, British guitarist Beau Diako – and more.

Collaboration is a notion which has always been important to Marie. Not only wanting to work with people she admires and looks up to – but also a firm believer in promoting new talent. 

The fanbase that she’s been building up these past years all over the world will appreciate the actual culmination of 10 years of work. From London, key collaborations with talented artists from Paris (cf Les Loups), to Tokyo (cf Mine), Canada (Hans Island Project) and Los Angeles (Her Songs), the Danish singer has grown an amazing community around her craft along these past years.

Back in the time we reviewed her NINE EP, as the maturation of an artist, LIKE SAND is set up to be Dahlstrom’s breakthrough.