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Join us in this episode of the Safer Chemicals Podcast as we explore the latest developments from the Enforcement Forum of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). 

In conversation with Katja vom Hofe, the outgoing Chair of the Forum, we reflect on the achievements and challenges faced in promoting chemical safety and enforcement.

Discover how the Forum's collaborative efforts have shaped the future of chemical regulation in Europe and learn about the upcoming REACH enforcement project, REF-13. 

We dive into the topic of enforcing chemical products sold online, exploring the scope, impact, and potential changes in legislation.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from Katja, an expert with a unique perspective from leading the Forum for many years and discover how enforcement authorities are working together to ensure compliance and protect consumers in the digital age.

What the Forum does
The Forum and the BPRS are a network of enforcement authorities from the EU and EEA. They are responsible for coordinating the enforcement of REACH, CLP, PIC, POPs and BPR chemicals legislation. Their aim is to protect peoples’ health and the environment while ensuring a level playing field for companies on the EU market.

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