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For the second part of our positive.leaders’ episode on inclusion, we continue our conversation with Amelie Jezabel Mariage, Co-founder of Aprendices Visuales, and Nicolas Froissard, general director and spokesperson for the SOS group. 

The first part of this episode focused on how both are furthering the cause of inclusion and bringing about change in their respective fields, along with how people respond to today's inclusion challenges. 

While there is still much work to be done, both agreed that there are signs of a shift toward greater inclusion. 

In this part, we look at inclusion from a broader perspective, examining the role that institutions, culture, and businesses can play in favour of greater inclusion. 

We talk about the role Europe could play in accelerating the transformation towards more inclusive societies, as well as what we can reasonably  hope to achieve by 2030 and what makes them optimistic about the future?

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