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Robert Yoho calls himself a healthcare whistleblower. He practiced medicine in the United States and retired two years ago. He spent three decades as a cosmetic surgeon after a career as an emergency physician. This generalist training gave him perspective and allowed him to avoid favoring any medical specialty. 

Robert has recently published two books, Butchered by Healthcare and Hormone Secrets. He has had little dealings with hospitals, Big Pharma, or insurance companies before he wrote his books. No one has ever considered him a "whale" prescriber or device implanter.

A few highlights from the show:

1. There is now one pharmaceutical sales representative for every five doctors in the US. They call the big prescribers who like and use their drugs “whales.” 

2. Per Robert. How to stay healthy: (a) change your diet to a higher fat diet,  (b) learn about and practice controlled fasting, (c) cut carbohydrates (simple sugars and corn sugar).

3. Having an advocate is key when navigating the healthcare system. It is ok to change your doctor if you are not feeling better.

4. Things 3 iPhone app for help getting organized. -

5. Visit the Cochrane Library to review evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. -

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