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Didi Hairston is a mental health advocate who gives a compelling look into life being mentally ill while Black. Unfiltered, dark, and raw, she exposes the stigma and fear associated with mental illness in Black and Brown communities. 

Didi’s mental health advocacy organization is called Diva with Depression. Didi and her organization’s mission is to break the chains of generational shame and trauma regarding mental illness in the Black and Brown communities, ending the passing down of toxic secrets and the stigma of mental illness.

In this episode of Navigating Cancer Together, Didi discusses an important topic closely related to cancer - mental health. Despite not being a cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver, Didi sheds light on the mental health challenges faced by Black and Brown communities. This episode aims to raise awareness and promote understanding of the mental health struggles within these communities. Tune in to gain valuable insights and resources for supporting mental wellness during cancer and life's other journeys.

A few highlights from the show: 

[00:01:32] Mental health in black communities.

[00:06:01] Treatment-resistant depression

[00:10:05] Strain on relationships.

[00:13:03] Breaking the Mask of Depression.

[00:16:35] Depression awareness resources.

[00:23:34] Mental health and cancer.

[00:26:01] Finding a support system.


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