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If you are into media, documentaries, activism, growing communities, NGOs, impact, technology & how to use product to drive action. This episode is for you.

In a world where “bad news sell better” it’s easy to believe that it’s all negative.

In this episode with Sam Sutaria, CEO and first employee at WaterBear, you will learn 

💡 How to set a new standard for impact in media 💡  

WaterBear is a free Netflix-like content platform with a twist 😉

They have over 1,000 inspiring documentaries and movies, all developed in collaboration with people and organizations changing the world for the better.

🚀 WaterBear brings entertainment but also inspires you to take action, to dive deeper into the issue and to connect with like-minded individuals who care to drive tangible, measurable impact around the world.

🌐 The WaterBear Network is made of:

- 700’000+ subscribers

- a free subscription, no ads

- 3 Million followers across all channels

- 40+ FTEs

- 150+ NGOs and freelancers with whom they work in collaboration


In this episode you will learn:

- What’s the mission of WaterBear and how they came up with a new business model for media

- How brands need to focus on new ways to tell stories

- Revenue streams for a streaming company without ads

- How do you measure real impact in media

- Navigating the lessons learned during fundraising

- How B2B2C can really be collaborative

- How to grow a supportive community

- What’s the impact of positive news

Watch the full episode on YouTube - link  


Sam’s LinkedIn

WaterBear website

Book recommendation: The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin


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