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If you are into carbon credit, business, agriculture, product & business model innovation, or simply scaling up your team, this is the right episode for you.

Robin Saluoks is the CEO & co-founder of eAgronom.

eAgronom is a platform which brings economic benefits to sustainable farmers.

Farmers get paid for improving their soil and sequestrating carbon.

🚀 In 2021 eAgronom onboarded 150 farmers who contributed to remove 100k tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere

🚀 They raised a series A round of $7 million

🚀 72 FTEs across the world, less than half of them in Estonia

In this mini-series you will learn:

Part 1:

- What’s the difference between carbon credits and carbon neutral

Part 2:

- How to see opportunities where others see obstacles

Part 3:

- How to introduce a new attractive business model to the farming industry?

Part 4:

- How to stay focused on your vision?

- How to get new talents to join your company?

This episode is Part 4 of a four-part series of our conversation with Robin, make sure you check out Part 1, Part  2 and Part 3 

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