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What if, for once a year, corporate business leaders, innovators, investors, and activists come together, not as enemies, but as collaborators for change? Picture an event on impact and environment that leaves you not with despair, but with hope and concrete actions that could be taken.

That's the essence of ChangeNow, the world's largest impact summit, besides the COPs, where the goal is not just to highlight the problems but to showcase real solutions and mobilize businesses to change.

Kevin Tayebaly, is one of the co-founders and the Chief Development Officer of ChangeNow. He takes care of all the relationships with the international delegations, and the investor relationship. And before ChangeNow, he has created three companies.

ChangeNOW started as a small gathering in 2017 with just 2’000 participants and in a bit over 6 years it grew into an event with:

- 35’000 attendees from 120 countries

- 1’000+ C-level decision-makers

- 1’200 investors

- and a team of 35 people who take care of the event organization

No co-founder of ChangeNow is actually from the event industry. That's probably how they managed to come up with such a new business model and to scale this event so quickly.

Learn from Kevin’s experience 💡 How to gather 35,000 changemakers to accelerate environmental and social change 💡

You will also learn:

- How to select partners for your event whose mission and impact is in line with your company’s DNA

- the strategies they used to scale the event

- the hardest part about scaling up

- How do you bring together tech, corporate and activism with a positive outcome?

- How can we influence and change the system

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