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If you are into philosophy, system thinking, economy, research, science. This episode is for you.

Have we, as humanity, built a world that is so complex that even we cannot understand it? Or has it always been this way and we just simplified it so we fear it a bit less?

In these days, the world is changing faster compared to any period in history.

It has become a world of uncertainty, where reality blurs with the fake, confusion seems to be the new norm.

My next guest spent the last five years of his life trying to figure out what’s going on with the world, how civilizations work and what are all the connections and mechanisms behind them.

Julien Devaureix is the founder of Sismique, a podcast that promotes dialogue, openness and curiosity. Sismique’s goal is to make you understand how this fast-changing world works.

🎧 It has been listened to more than 5 million times

It's in French and in English

Julien has interviewed some of the most brilliant thinkers, entrepreneurs, and people doing good in this world. Among the guests on his podcast you can find names such as Noam Chomsky, Captain Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd, or Ryan Gellert, the CEO of Patagonia.

Julien is also the author of the book “Le monde change et on n'y comprend rien” (The world is changing and we don’t understand anything). It's a book that changed my view of how the world is working, where are we heading and what is our role in these complex systems of our society and planet.

In this episode you will learn:

- How complex is today’s world and why we cannot understand it

- What are the biases when we analyze the world around us

- How to check the sources you get your info from

- The iceberg model of system thinking

- What are black swans, black elephants and black jellyfish

- The debt system in the capitalist world

- Can we maintain economic growth with less energy?

- Is there hope in the face of ecoanxiety

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