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If you are into agriculture, food supply chain, non-profit, community building, accelerator programs. This episode is for you. 

What if farming wasn't just a means of survival but a way to nature restoration? And instead of being part of the problem destroying our soil, biodiversity, and amplifying climate change, it became part of the solution?

Let me introduce you to a new (not so new 😉) type of agriculture. Regenerative farming. It doesn't just sustain nature, it restores it. It brings back the health of the soil, sequesters carbon, and boosts biodiversity. For the future of our planet and our food, regenerative farming isn't just an option, it's a necessity.

Climate Farmers are supporting farmers in the transition towards regenerative agriculture. They are building the infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe.

Climate Farmers provides a platform for farmers to meet and network, learn from each other and from experts, get regenerative agriculture consulting and get transition financing as they sell carbon credits. They also support retailers in their supply chain transition to regenerative agriculture produce.

🌿 They are a community of 700+ farmers from 16 different countries

🌿 Got 1M € funding raised without giving away company shares

🌿 32 FTEs

Philippe Birker bought a part of an abandoned village in Portugal back in 2017. In the course of the next years he and seven others acquired more parts of the village and some land. Owning some land set Philippe on the search for knowledge about regenerative agriculture.

Today he is one of the co-founders of Climate Farmers and he shared his insights about

💡 What is regenerative agriculture? How do you put impact first with an economic model focused on growth? And how to choose and prepare best for an accelerator program? 💡

In this episode you will learn:

- What is regenerative agriculture and what it really means to farm in harmony with nature

- What does a regenerative farm look like?

- Why we should pay more attention to our food?.

- How to scale regenerative agriculture?

- What could be the solution to make farming attractive to younger people in Europe

- Which are the 3 levers to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture

- What are the benefits for farmers from networking with each other?

- Organizations that can support you with business know-how

- How to prepare for an accelerator program?

- How to manage a company differently with regenerative leadership 

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