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If as a kid, you dreamt of trying to protect lions and other wild animals at the other side of the world and now you have a normal job but you still have such a dream, and you don't know how you could achieve your childhood dream beside your job, this episode is for you!

If you are already on your way to have an impact on the world with your social organization, or your startup, and donations are a part of your revenue streams and you'd like to learn how to maximize them, then this episode is also for you!

“Many organizations which have the sole purpose of doing good are not led in a very entrepreneurial way. They are less efficient and KPI driven.” contemplates Marlon, my guest in this episode.

Dr. Marlon Braumann comes from the VC world. No surprise, he looks for efficiency even when it comes to his NPO.

Marlon founded AMES Foundation (Africa's Most Endangered Species) 2 years ago as a side project.

AMES’s mission is to conserve wildlife, protect biodiversity and make Africa a safer place for animals.

It became Marlon’s most successful fundraising.

AMES has:

🌟a business model that collects 600k+€ of donations per year

🌟a merchandise shop and travel expedition sales as extra revenue streams

🌟2 reservation sites in Africa

🌟17 FTEs from local communities working on site

They make an impact in 4 different ways:

- Conservation

- Innovation - transfer technology to Southern Africa

- Community Development - jobs for local people

- Legislation - political work and jurisprudence

I believe I found the right guy to talk about 💡How to start and boost your revenue as a social or non-profit organization💡

In this episode you will learn about:

Commit time to the project

✅ Look at it as if it was a normal company

✅ Aim for profit

✅ Know who you want to have on board

✅ Tell a clear story when looking for funds

✅ Don't expect people on site to have the same work standards as you

✅ Don't allow everybody to join the operational team

Do you want to join AMES,? Well, most probably you can’t. They are an invite-only community. But you can listen to this episode of the podcast 😀

Let's go 🦁


Dr. Marlon Braumann LinkedIn  

AMES website 

Book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz 

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