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If you are into circular economy, non-digital products,  e-commerce, or retail, or if you simply want to go from thinking about it to actually starting your own business. You don’t want to miss this episode.

Circular economy is great on paper, but only a few manage to turn the model into real business success. 

Creating a tangible product is never as easy as creating a digital product.

It's not as fast to iterate with clients' feedback and the costs are higher.

And when you’ve finally built the right product… How do you sell it?

Online only? Or in a physical shop?

MOYU produces rewritable notebooks, made of stone paper, on which you can write and easily erase without traces up to 500 times.

I was skeptical at first, but I met the Moyu’s team in Berlin last year and after trying it, I directly ordered two notebooks for my girlfriend and myself for Christmas.


Since then, I stopped buying “normal” paper notebooks and have already filled and erased their notebook twice.

Moyu has successfully grown in the Netherlands and now they are scaling up internationally.

They have more than 20 people and so far more than 200 companies have bought their notebooks that they can personalize for their employees.

Plus, you can find them in more than 70 retail stores across the Netherlands.

The Moyu team believes in a world without deforestation 🌳. Together with Trees for Kenya, they have planted more than 60.000 trees, one for each product sold.

My guest today Roel Schatorjé, is the founder of MOYU. He shared his advice on 💡 How to dare start your journey as an entrepreneur 💡

In this episode you will learn:

✅ How he stopped being a wannapreneur and started Moyu

✅ How to be prepared to fail

✅ How to listen to your customers

✅ The importance of nurturing your first clients

✅ Why and how to bootstrap as much as possible

✅ The pros of investing in branding early

✅ Why you shouldn’t make too many products

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And if you want to order a Moyu notebook, get your 15% discount by clicking here  (this is NOT an affiliate link).


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