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If you are interested in B2B partnership, SaaS product development, Sustainable fashion, or Supply chain, this episode is definitely for you!

🌟 How do you develop an online sustainability fashion platform with 55 brands onboard, more than 3.000 suppliers and more than 2 million products?

🌟 What happens when you find out spreadsheets are great for lots of things, but they fail when the amount of data gets too big?

🌟 What happens when you find out there is no existing solution to track transparency in supply chains?

Retraced happens!

Retraced started as a simple green marketing tool in 2018.

The simple tool grew into a whole sustainability management platform in 2020 when Covid pushed the company to a pivot.

How did this happen?

Lukas Puender and his team listened to their clients and they worked together with them to develop the perfect solution.

🚀 Today Retraced has grown to 30 people, working from 10 different countries

🚀 They’ve raised 2.5M+ in funding

🚀 Their revenue is 7-digit and it has +15% month-on-month growth

And they still listen to their clients.

Retraced still has its chat function. A client can send them a question and in minutes it will be answered. This is a KPI that’s tracked.

Their platform usage tracking makes them even more client-centric, helping their partners in the onboarding and the improvement of the platform.

So who else, if not Lukas shared his advice on 💡How to become successful in B2B sales by seeing your clients as partners 💡

Among it you will find:

✅ How to find the best solution together

“Fake it till you make it”-mentality is a double-edged sword that quickly cuts deep

✅ Why invest early into a project?

✅ Innovation is good, solving a problem is better

✅ How to build a team you can trust

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Lukas Puender LinkedIn

Retraced website

Book: Chris Voss - Never split the difference


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