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Welcome to Mission First, the masterclass to learn from successful entrepreneurs changing the world for the better!  


If you are into greentech, B2B2C, crowdfunding, scaling up, or solar, 

this episode will probably be very useful for you!

Lots of entrepreneurs dream of having an impact globally, but at the same time you often hear that you should be careful to not internationalize too quickly.

Today I have the chance to interview an entrepreneur who is proof that it’s actually possible to have a global impact very quickly!

Martin Baart has for mission to save the planet as the CEO of Ecoligo.

Ecoligo helps solar projects to be funded for businesses and companies in emerging countries like Kenia, Vietnam or Costa Rica.

The solar projects are financed through their crowdinvesting platform, that offers attractive returns to private investors.

Investments start from 100€ and save tonnes of CO2 emissions, enabling citizens to have an impact on the global energy transition with their money.

Martin shared a list of Do's and Don'ts about 

💡 “How to internationalize a start-up globally from scratch” 💡

and in particular we talked about:

✅ How to think from scratch as a global player 

✅ When is a good time to expand internationally

✅ How to optimize your structure to scale  

✅ How you should consider the different regulations and business cultures in every country 

Fasten your seat belt and be ready to learn a lot!

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