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Everybody tells you 

“you should raise funding as a startup!”

But is it true? 

Is this the only way? 

Well, it's not. 

And actually, there are many cases where raising funding is actually a really bad idea and bootstrapping your startup would be much smarter. 

But how do you bootstrap your startup?

Today, I'm talking to Kati Ernst, co-founder and CEO of Ooia. They sell innovative consumer products for the needs of women. 

They've entirely bootstrapped the company they started two and a half years ago, they already have 

🚀 more than 100,000 customers

🚀 several million euros of revenue.

They also have an exceptional company culture, completely flexible: they work without working hours and both co-founders are also parents combining entrepreneurship and raising children.

Katy shared a list of Do's and Don'ts about 

💡 “How to bootstrap a consumer product company” 💡

and in particular we talked about:

✅ finding alternative financing options than the classic investor road

✅ taking bold decisions while bootstrapping

✅ growing an audience organically with storytelling 

✅ Preparing a successful crowdfunding campaign without paid PR 

✅ choosing the right business model for bootstrapping

So fasten your seat belt and be ready to learn a lot!

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