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Being an entrepreneur in the energy industry is a tough challenge. The market is very broad, the sales cycle and the product implementation are very long, products are usually a mix of hardware and software, so it is very difficult to be a successful entrepreneur in that sector. 

That's why I am really excited to talk today to Ernesto Garnier, the CEO of EINHUNDERT. 

Launched in 2017, EINHUNDERT is already making a 7 digit revenue. 

They offer a 100% sustainable energy solution and help real estate companies become solar power suppliers for their residents. 

In this episode Ernesto will share a list of 6 Do's and Don'ts on the topic of 

💡 “How to optimize and develop a new energy solution in the B2B real estate market” 💡

This includes tips about how to pin down your ideal customer, how to develop and design your software and hardware solution, or how to develop your partnerships.

Can you relate to that? 

Then let's dive into this conversation together.

Ernesto Garnier and Ein Hundert: 

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🎧 About Mission First

We are at a critical period for our planet and its inhabitants, and entrepreneurs and companies are going to play a massive influence on our future. 

As always, there are two sides who can pull us in opposite directions. 

On one side, there are entrepreneurs who chase and base their decisions on money, success, and fame. 

On the other side, I believe there are entrepreneurs who truly care about making a positive difference on this world. Money is a mean and not an end to these entrepreneurs: they care about their Mission First, and their goal is not fame nor a quick exit for the sake of it. I call them Entrepreneurs for Future

My name is Gilles Toussaint, I am an entrepreneur and an expert in Growth Marketing. With my company GT Impact, I help sustainability-driven companies to increase their revenue faster and have a greater impact on this planet.

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