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This episode’s guest is Maren Hjorth, one of the co-founders of Katapult Ocean and the founder of Fynd Ocean Ventures

Both companies invest and support startups with a positive impact on the ocean: Katapult Ocean invests in early-stage startups (pre-seed & seed funding), while Fynd Ocean Ventures focuses on startups in their growth phase. 

We talked extensively about Katapult Ocean, which has an accelerator program, has invested in more than 23 companies (150-300k€ per startup), and has built a network of 100+ mentors and partners worldwide. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Maren saw a market opportunity to start a smart investment company in the ocean space
  • How she selected her co-founders
  • How she found the first investors for her new fund
  • How they use OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) to remain focus and learn to say no to anything which is not contributing to these objectives
  • How she grew and selected her network of partners and mentors
  • How she makes the most out of virtual events to network 
  • How she made sure she could step out smoothly as a CEO of Katapult Ocean to start developing Fynd Ocean Ventures

As usual for every episode, Maren shared her list of Do’s and Don’ts, this time about fundraising:

4 Do’s and Don’ts about how to raise pre-seed & seed funding as a startup.

If you are: 

  • a startup with a positive mission who needs to raise funding, or
  • someone who wants to build an investment company/fund to invest in startups with a positive impact, 

this episode is definitely for you!

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Katapult Oceans
Fynd Ocean Ventures

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