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In this episode, I welcome Vaitea Cowan, one of the co-founders of Enapter. Vaitea’s mission is to bring hydrogen and clean energy to the islands. For that purpose, her company has developed an electrolyzer that produces green hydrogen. 

This high-tech product can among others replace diesel generators. It uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen that can then be used for various applications like mobility (planes or vehicles with hydrogen fuel), industrial use (use of the pure hydrogen), or to produce green electricity (when used in combination with a fuel cell). 

Enapter has raised a total funding amount (seed and series-A) of 8.7 million euros and is now thriving with 100 employees in 4 different locations in Europe and Asia. Their products are already being used in 33 countries, and their next stage is to mass produce these electrolyzers in Germany, with soon over 200 more employees to be hired. 

Vaitea is such a nice person, with an exciting story that led to the creation of Enapter in Thailand, and its development in Russia, Italy, and Germany, so I was thrilled to interview her for Mission First.

In this episode you will learn:

  • how Vaitea’s roots inspired her to start this company and to follow this mission
  • how she ended up in Thailand, met her cofounders there
  • how they trusted so much a technology that they decided to save from bankruptcy the company that was producing it, to keep their team, and to give it a vision and a roadmap    
  • how they divided the roles and responsibilities between the 3 cofounders
  • what were some of their biggest challenges and how they overcame them
  • what are their USP and their technological competitive advantage 

In particular, Vaitea shared with us the Do’s & Don’ts she has learned as an entrepreneur while creating this alternative fuel (like Walk the talk, Don’t follow general go-to-market strategy,...). 

If you are into green technology and inspiring entrepreneurship stories, this episode is definitely for you!