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Captain Paul Watson was one of the co-founders of Greenpeace. In 1977 he left that organization to create Sea Shepherd. For more than 40 years, Sea Shepherd has been defending the oceans, saving the lives of thousands of whales, and fighting against illegal fishing. Today I am incredibly honored to have the chance to learn more about his fantastic story and experience building the biggest non-governmental navy in the world. Among others, we discussed his experience with branding, how they came up with their new flag logo, and how it tremendously impacted their revenue. We talked about how they maximize their operation efficiency, how they avoided any paid promotion, and instead had people choosing to join them. We talked about his first steps to fund and kick off Sea Shepherd at the beginning, as well as how they set the organization administration and operations in such a way that it is an international movement with independent entities working on their own campaigns. We talked about leadership, passion for the mission, and how they find and recruit their volunteers and crew members. We spent a long time, in the end, talking about his communication strategy and the tactics they used to get so many TV documentaries filmed about their cause. We discussed also positive and negative press, haters, and how far you can go to get media attention. If you want to have a lesson on communication strategy, leadership, and how to grow one of the most charismatic and impactful NGOs in the world, this episode is for you.  

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