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Today, our guest is Jeff Kirschner, a fantastic storyteller, and an inspiring entrepreneur. With his startup Litterati, he created a community of 170’000 people who are on a mission to clean the planet

During this episode you will learn:

  • How he started and financed Litterati as a solopreneur in parallel to his consulting career.
  • How his TED residency, his TED talk, and their Kickstarter campaign contributed to his progress.  
  • How he started growing this community organically using only Instagram, without having to build an app. 
  • How the power of its mission helped him attract his first collaborators and his co-founder.
  • How they managed to move their community from Instagram to their Android and iOs app, which was a very tricky move.

Jeff was extremely honest by sharing with us his biggest mistake with Litterati, how that mistake hurt him and his community, and how they fixed it with his team.

Finally, Jeff also discussed with us his list of 4 Do’s & Don’ts on how to build a community, which, as promised, are super insightful and hands-on tips.

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