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Meet Marcie,

Serial expat and tag along wife, as she tells us how she followed her husband through Asia and Paris with just as many repatriations to LA  as moves. ✈️

She shares how she had to reinvent hersefl and shifted from the music industry to writing ✒️ and the challenges a married couple goes through when relocating.💍

All these experiences, her expat circles experiences, and passion for writing led to Em's awful good fortune, where she explores issues of marriage and compromise, love loss and betrayel.  💔


🍸Bar in Shanghai Mayita for rooftop margharitas

🥐 Café Chez Pierrot in Paris for a neighborhood café 

Place des Vosges in Paris for a nice stroll in the Marais

🎤 Song: Should I stay or should I go, The Clash 

Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.