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The 30th ILGA World Conference will take place in May 2022 under the theme: "LGBTIQ youth: future present change": hundreds of LGBTIQ human rights defenders from all over the world will gather in LA Long Beach, California, United States.

The event will be hosted by the It Gets Better Project, an organization with a mission to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ youth around the globe.

In this episode of "Making rainbow waves", we sat down with Brian Wenke, the executive director of the It Gets Better Project, to talk about his personal story, how the meaning of such a powerful statement as “It Gets Better” has changed over the years, what does the organisation have in store for the upcoming ILGA World Conference, and so much more. 

Follow this link to register now for the 30th ILGA World Conference! 

Follow this link to access the transcription of this episode in English .

A translation of the episode to Spanish is available here