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As we relaunch macrocast after a hiatus of a few months and in conversational format, I was looking for someone who would help us to think through the noise and guide us in this post COVID world. I immediately thought of Jean Pisani-Ferry, who enlightens us with his wisdom and optimism. You will hear him in this podcast. Then I thought of Fleetwood Mac, in an equally hopeful but more musical vein. You'll hear them too.

Guest : Jean Pisani-Ferry (


- Jean Pisani-Ferry : "Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities", Amory Gethin/Clara Martinez-Toledano/Thomas Piketty

- Gilles Moëc : "The Price of Nostalgia, America’s Self-Defeating Economic Retreat", Adam S. Posen

Credits : Fleetwood Mac - "Don't stop"

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Recorded on June 8th, produced by Axa IM