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How can we improve the sustainability of big corporations: by boycotting their products, or by driving change from within?

Antoine Argouges believes it’s the latter, and founded Tulipshare to help individuals do this. Tulipshare allows users to buy stocks in publicly listed companies and aggregate these shareholders to drive change from within these corporations.

“To change the strategy of a business, you have to change the value it creates for its shareholders”, he argues.

Tulipshare is already reaping the rewards of this strategy, as it was able to drive change from within Johnson&Johnson, achieving 15% of voting support for discontinuing the sale of talc-based baby powder despite a collective ownership of ~0.00001%.

I had a super insightful chat with Antoine, as he explained how he entered the consumer space from the online dating industry before founding Tulipshare in an effort to revolutionize the system we live in which he is deeply unsatisfied with.

Antoine Argoues is committed to having a positive legacy on the planet and positively impacting people’s lives.

You’ll find all this and more in Episode #15 of Impactfull 🎯