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He’s not a relative of the famous Kobe Bryant but he’s a rising star, because what he does is important for our planet.

Vincent Bryant is the founder of Deepki, which raised > €160m to help real estate owners reduce their carbon footprints. So when I got the opportunity to interview him, I didn’t think twice.

Vincent believes that it’s too late to avoid climate change.  It's time to adapt.

“We are all on the bus. The question is no longer, shall we hit a wall? We will. The question is, at what speed?”

But he is also an optimist.

Me: “How does climate change impact our buildings?”

He replied: “You know real estate assets are always been vulnerable to physical risks (floods, heatwaves). Climate change is just making them more vulnerable. We are seeing a number of real estate assets that were not designed to withstand high temperatures — especially around the Mediterranean — and are therefore repurposed into less air-conditioning intensive assets such as car parks or logistic sites”.

What I’ve learned in the episode:

  • Churches are probably the most climate-friendly real estate assets in Europe
  • The #1 reason why climate adaptation takes time in the real estate sector? Not money, people. Talent shortage in the renovation sector (HVAC installation, retrofitting) is preventing the industry to transform at a faster pace
  • Learning tip: spend time with people that are better than you at anything and you will learn fast (be it marketing, HR, philosophy, sports, cooking, really everything).
  • You should read Energy and Equity by Ivan Illich. About how to solve the energy crisis.
    • “A junkie without access to his stash is in a state of crisis. The 'energy crisis' that exists intermittently when the flow of fuel from unstable countries is cut off or threatened, is a crisis in the same sense.” Wrote in 1974…

It’s on Episode #12 of Impactfull 🎯

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