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This épisode is a shortened version of « Daniel, an australian Pied-Noir ».  

👉Listen to “From Algeria to Australia, a Pied-Noir story”. 

Daniel's identity is multiple : Born in Algeria, he is a French Pied-Noir, of Spanish origin, and he is also an Australian citizen. 

🎤Episode Daniel: “The Arabs were part of our life” 


🤫And of us, who will remember ? Podcast is the first podcast that gives a voice to the last Pieds-Noirs. 

😲Discover the extraordinary journey of those who were disembarked from Algeria in 1962
from a crossing without return. What wave of migration led their ancestors to French Algeria. How did the Algerian war interfere with their lives? How, when thrown on the roads to exile, were they able to rebuild themselves and integrate into French society? How do they feel, with 60 years
of hindsight about this event? And what traces did it leave in their lives and those of their children? Each episode gives the floor to a witness and takes an intimate and personal look at his/her life trajectory. 

🙏Stories of exile, wounded memories, silences but also courage and resilience. Discover the stories of the last Pieds-Noirs who have decided to talk. 

 👉Production, direction Nicole Guidicelli 

👏Editing, mixing trailer and additional music Jean-Christophe Treille 

🎶Original music Pascal Simoni 

👫Visual identity Liza Edouard and Samuel Rozenbaum 


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