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with 🎙️ Antoine Walter, Podcaster in Chief and Senior Business Development Manager @ GF Piping Systems

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It's been an amazing year on the (don't) Waste Water podcast! 

52 terrific guests shared their expertise on the microphone, and we covered quite a lot of topics. Too much to digest in 10 minutes? No worries, I prepared you a series of syntheses to give you a sound understanding of some key topics we covered. 

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Today, we address wastewater reuse, water reuse, and resource recovery. What is wastewater reuse? Where does water reuse best apply? What about direct potable reuse, indirect potable reuse, and water reclamation? Let's get all of that packed in a dense synthesis!

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🎙️ Aaron Tartakovsky - S4E3 

🎙️ Alexander Loucopoulos - S3E14 

🎙️ Denise Mall - S3E8 

🎙️ Ravid Levy - S3E2 

🎙️ Jacob Bossaer - S2E20 

🎙️ Manaf Farhan - S2E18 

🎙️ Mina Guli - S4E4 

🎙️ Ari Goldfarb - S1E6 

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