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I had the chance to interview Julie Urhman in Paris at the Vivatech talks during the Future of Sport conferences. 

She's one of those entrepreneurs who inspire us and show us that the most important thing is action. If you have the will to do it, if you set out and build a team that wants to change things, you can make things happen.

In this episode, co-founder Julie Urhman talks about the importance of building a team to create a successful project, such as the launch of Angel City FC, a women's soccer club. She talks about the importance of storytelling, but also about the need to consider sportswomen as more than just athletes whose sole aim is to play soccer on the pitch. She also talks about Angel City FC's sponsorship strategy. 

Have a good listen! 🙂

Episode resources : 

- Julie Urhman's Linkedin profile  

- Julie Urhman's Twitter account  

-Angel City FC website 

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