Driving sustainable safety performance
Conversations with Xavier Bontemps, International HSE Leader

In this new CEDEP podcast series, Xavier Bontemps, international HSE leader with over 35 years’ energy industry leadership experience explores how leaders can drive sustainable safety performance to help protect lives, assets and the environment. Xavier shares his insightful real-life experiences, safety challenges and best-practice solutions.


What does it take for an organisation to believe in zero accidents? How do you sense if your organisation is going blind on safety? How do you know if your HSE professionals are performing well? How do you tackle HSE in a world bracing for renewables and the environmental and environmental societal governance of companies? What are the common performance levers between safety leadership and operational excellence?

This podcast is brought to you by CEDEP, a global executive education club and collaborative learning community of leading international organisations including L’Oréal, Renault and Moët Hennessy. CEDEP’s members co-create leadership development programmes to deliver innovative, highly relevant and actionable learning and create purpose-driven, agile and sustainable organisations. 

For over a decade, CEDEP has worked with its members to develop and strengthen the leadership elements required for a strong and sustainable safety culture.

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