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Emotional and psychological barriers like fear, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism can severely limit leaders' effectiveness. Leaders often avoid directly dealing with these barriers due to fear of failure, fear of success, or a deep-seated sense of inadequacy. Additionally, there's a widespread reluctance to have honest conversations about these issues, both at work and in personal contexts, leading to a lack of genuine connection and understanding.

Mike Kelly, President & CEO of TeamOnUP and author of Meaning Is the Mission: Understanding the Symptoms of Success and How to Get Dreams Done on Purpose joins the show the share how leaders can develop effective skillsets to transform their teams and organization. He introduces the concept of 'Mission Management' as a framework to instill purpose-driven leadership and concrete methods to bridge the gap between technological advancements and human-centered practices.

Join us as we discuss:

-Exploring the Concept of Mission Management (08:28)

-Understanding Imposter Syndrome (15:56)

-Conflict Avoidance in the Workplace (35:11)

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