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In this episode of the B.E. Good! Podcast, we speak with Hal Hershfield, author of the new book “Your Future Self—How to Make Tomorrow Better Today.” 

Hal is a renowned expert in marketing, decision-making, and psychology at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, with his work being featured in esteemed media outlets like the Guardian, BBC, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and NPR. In this episode, we discuss his captivating work exploring the disconnect between our present and future selves and practical ways to make better choices for the future.  

You’ll learn: 

📅 Why the present day takes precedence over planning for the future. 

🧠 How our preferences change over time and why acknowledging these changes is important. 

🚀 The ways connecting with your future self can lead to smarter long-term decisions. 


To learn more about Hal and his work visit: or find him on Twitter @HalHershfield. 

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