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Strap on your boots, don your hats, grab your pitchforks and mangroves, because we are going carbon hunting!

Although carbon dioxide makes up a measly 0.04% of our atmosphere or 421 parts per million (ppm), it is about double the average concentration seen over the past 3 million years. All of this extra carbon dioxide accumulated since the pre-industrial era has already caused global warming of 1.1 degrees Celsius, destabilized Earth's climate and started the 6th mass extinction of biodiversity in our planet's history.

One solution: put a bounty on carbon's head and bring it to justice, aka carbon pricing. Since its introduction by the European Union in 2005, the idea of carbon pricing has long been touted by economists as one of the best ways to tackle climate change: making polluters pay for the environmental damage their emissions cause.

Join Kokou Agbo-Bloua as he travels back in time to the beginning of time itself, the Big Bang, to trace the history of carbon from its cosmic origins to its role in climate change. He also explores the science behind the formation of carbon, its role in the carbon cycle and its impact on the Earth's atmosphere.

But the hunt doesn't stop there. We'll also dive into the world of carbon markets and natural capital solutions. Kokou talks to Eric Schoumsky, Head of Natural Capital Solutions at Societe Generale, about the role of carbon markets in financing nature-based solutions and how the market could evolve by 2050. Kokou presses Eric on the potential risks of manipulation and the potential impact on low-income households in a context of high inflation and shifting geopolitics.

So join us on this high-stakes chase through the periodic table as we uncover the complex and fascinating world of carbon and its impact on our planet. "Carbon Bounty Hunting is a must-listen for anyone interested in science, the environment and the future of our planet.

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