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This special episode of 2050 Investors takes you to… well, the year 2050! Will we have achieved our goal of net-zero emissions and taken the necessary steps to limit global warming to 1.5 C°? And if not, what will a world on the verge of climate collapse due to human activities look like?  

Join Kokou Agbo-Bloua as he explores the future, inspired by the thought-provoking series "Black Mirror". Stuck inside a dream within a dream, where fiction and reality are intertwined, will we discover a bright future where humans have taken drastic actions to mitigate climate change and protect our environment?

Or will it be the worst-case scenario of a dystopian world, where our planet reels under extreme weather conditions and ecological collapse, and food and resource shortages plague countries?  

Luckily for Kokou, he has his AI companion, the newly upgraded SiriGPT, to make sense of these two juxtaposed worlds. Together we navigate the future, weighing the consequences of the choices we make today to shape the world we wake up to tomorrow.

The future awaits!  

About the show

2050 Investors offers an investigation into tomorrow’s economic and market megatrends ahead of 2050’s global sustainability targets. Join Kokou Agbo-Bloua, Societe Generale’s Head of Economics, Cross-Asset & Quant Research, as he provides deep dive analysis, with an ESG lens, into current affairs and trends that relate to the economy, the planet, markets, and you. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss our new episodes.


Presenter & Writer: Kokou Agbo-Bloua. Editors: Vincent Nickelsen, Jovaney Ashman, Linda Isker, Théodora David. Production Designer: Emmanuel Minelle, Radio K7 Creative. Executive Producer : Fanny Giniès. Sound Director: Marc Valenduc. Music: Rone. Graphic Design: Cédric Cazaly.

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